Friday, April 17, 2015

My team invited to Morlaix , France to perform for Armor India Festival 2015

Its a big news and it gets better. My team of dancers consisting of my students Saee Shetye , Manasi Phatak , kathak dancers Gauri Swakul and Raunak Upadhyay and contemporary of dancers Puja Kadam and DID Zee Marathi winner Punyakar Upadhyay perform "Ritu", inspired from Kalidasa's Ritusamhar , they perform to International Fusion music at this years Armor India Festival at Morlaix , France on the first week of May , 2015

The whole 36 min choreography has been concieved and directed by me . The team of 6 dancers will perform twice in Morlaix and a town closer to Morlaix.

On a personal note it has been my dream to work with contemporary dancers and choreograph taking them into the picture . That dream has been fulfilled. Its interesting to collaborate and improvise interesting phrases of movement on Kalidasa's text.

My best wishes to the team of PPARC ( Parimal Performing Arts and Research Centre) for building up this interesting project weaving two classical dance styles and contemporary dance form , performing in Morlaix , France this May.

Bon Chance !!!

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