Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Back with a bang....

So I am back with a bang. March was an intense activity at my workplace wherein National seminar on Choreographing the Music was
ALso released my first Ebook "The concept and the Core of an Alaripu" on Amazon/Kindle....

More to come stay tuned.....

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The winning streak continues....

My student Mrunmayee Sonawale won the first at the Bharatanatyam classical dance competition conducted by Akhil Brahman Sansthan, Nasik and Shefali adds another feather to the cap , she won the third at the Dadar Matunga Bharatanatyam Dance Competition....

Monday, January 25, 2016

We start 2016 with a bang.........

Just performed 2 weeks back at the first national seminar of dance which was held at Annabhau Sathe audi . Performed at the Nayaka festival , with stupendous response from the audience of Pune.....social media was abuzz with a positive feedback ....with students discussing my material on watsapp . Next two performances lined up , Nrutyalahari festival at P.L. Deshpande auditorium , Mumbai on 31st Jan and at the Shaniwarwada festival , on feb 7th .

Also my students Tejdipti and Madhuvanti have carved a niche for themselves as photographers and my student Swarada Dhekhane has bloomed into an active blogger on several areas of dance. Her webseries on the compositions of Bharatanatyam margam is one of a kind.

My student Shefali Gokhale stood second at the Swar Sadhana Samiti Bharatanatyam dance competition and this happens at a juncture when her CCRT scholarship has been extended for another two years.

New dreams....New Endeavours ....New Vision....

Monday, November 2, 2015

My paper at the 16th World Sanskrit Conference held at Bangkok , Thailand and flurry of activities.....

So I have arrived a bit late, but just to keep all of you informed.

It was a great experience presentating my paper at the 16th World Sanskrit Conference organised by the Silpakorn University , Thailand , Bangkok. Listening to several research scholars opining on myriad topics was an experience initself. My paper was well appreciated and there were interesting queries too.

Post the conference , i went through an extensive Refresher Course for Lecturers , it was an eye opener for me as the topics ranged from Law to Ethics .

My solo at the Svaravarsha Festival was appreciated in Chinchwad and now my students perform at Aura Aurangabad for Guru Parvati Dutta .

Two days ago I was invited for a talk on art and culture organised by Setu Creations , Pune . An exhilarating experience indeed.

Friday, April 17, 2015

My team invited to Morlaix , France to perform for Armor India Festival 2015

Its a big news and it gets better. My team of dancers consisting of my students Saee Shetye , Manasi Phatak , kathak dancers Gauri Swakul and Raunak Upadhyay and contemporary of dancers Puja Kadam and DID Zee Marathi winner Punyakar Upadhyay perform "Ritu", inspired from Kalidasa's Ritusamhar , they perform to International Fusion music at this years Armor India Festival at Morlaix , France on the first week of May , 2015

The whole 36 min choreography has been concieved and directed by me . The team of 6 dancers will perform twice in Morlaix and a town closer to Morlaix.

On a personal note it has been my dream to work with contemporary dancers and choreograph taking them into the picture . That dream has been fulfilled. Its interesting to collaborate and improvise interesting phrases of movement on Kalidasa's text.

My best wishes to the team of PPARC ( Parimal Performing Arts and Research Centre) for building up this interesting project weaving two classical dance styles and contemporary dance form , performing in Morlaix , France this May.

Bon Chance !!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Performed at Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Sabha

Performing in Chennai , that also the heart of Chennai -- Mylapore , for the Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Sabha was an experience in itself. Surrounded by temples , it was heartening to perform because of the good audience ....got appreciated for Gopalaka Pahimam and Haasa Parihaasa.
The next day my disciple Madhuvanti Sundarajan performed and she won over the rasikas through her abhinaya -- People were raving her for Aduvum Solluval and Abhang.

The Chennai performance was indeed an experience.......

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Workshop on Jathis conducted by me for Nrityayatri

The workshop for Nrityayatri on the concept of Jathis was a big hit. With 32 registrations there were eager students who learnt one composition of Madurai Muralidharan from the cd "Sapta Tandavam" . The reason for this choice was obviously was rhythmic brilliance which Madurai Muralidheeran has structured the jathis in the composition.
The second segment of the workshop was an improvisation exercise. I had given certain syllables to the students and they had to construct the first phrase of the jathi weaving the syllables. One of the young students ( disciple of Smt Suvarna Bag) was a a bundle of surprise. She gave an excellent phrase , which I gave the shape of a gopucchha yati. Each line of this total jathi was given to choreograph under six criterias. These six criterias according to me become a perfect yardstick to choreograph a jathi.
The whole group of 32 was divided into groups of 5 and each group would come with their interpretation specified under the criteria.

It was an interesting exercise where the students were made aware of the basic components which will help in structuring a jathi.